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Atkinson Towers Contact List - Who to call (updated: August 1, 2011)

1. Problems with your apartment: flooding, noise, electrical, scheduling a move-in or move-out, reserve parking for contractors, vendors and plumbers/others.

Donald Ahee, Maintenance Manager

(808) 946-7442

Click HERE to email Atkinson Towers

2. Questions about an apartment violation(s) from Certified Management.

Ms. Marcia Molly, Certified Management

(808) 629-7137 (direct)

Click HERE to email Marcia Molly

Certified Management Website

3. Questions about your Atkinson Towers Maintenance Fees:


(808) 836-0911 x 240.

Click HERE to email Marcia Molly

Certified Management Website

4. Questions about the Atkinson Towers Reserve Account, or the Budget.

Ashby "Jim" Ennis, Treasurer

(808) 944-0447

Click HERE to email Jim Ennis

5. Questions about the Flood insurance policy on your mortgage, and/or on the building.

Robin Martin - Agent at Insurance Factors

(808) 546-7434, Fax: (808) 521-5484

Click HERE to email Robin Martin

Insurance Factors Website

6. Questions about the Condo, Flood, Fire, Liability, and/or Renters' Insurance.

Sue Savio, President Insurance Associates

(808) 526-9272

Insurance Associates Website

7. Questions about Insurance: Home, Flood, Fire, Liability, and/or Renter's Insurance.

Marc Dixon, Agent

(808) 456-8001

Click HERE to email Marc Dixon

Allstate Insurance Website

8. Questions about converting your Stockholder Co-operative unit to a Condominium unit.

James H Case, Attorney

(808) 523-2501.

Click HERE to email James H Case

Carlsmith Ball Law Firm

9. If none of the contacts can not answer your questions, or if you need more information.

Robert Fahl, President, AUAO Atkinson Towers

(808) 946-7442 (Office)

Click HERE to email Robert Fahl

10. Questions or suggestions about this Atkinson Towers website.

Walt Flood, Webmaster

(808) 922-1659

Or send an Email

11. Questions about selling your condominium unit, receiving a list of comparables, or general questions about the local real estate market.

Walt Flood, Realtor

(808) 922-1659

Or send an Email

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