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Atkinson Towers Contact List - Who to call (updated: December 11, 2014)

1. Problems with your apartment: flooding, noise, electrical, scheduling a move-in or move-out, reserve parking for contractors, vendors and plumbers/others.

Donald Ahee, Maintenance Manager

(808) 946-7442

2. Questions about an apartment violation(s) from Associa Management.

Property Manager, Associa Hawaii

(808)836-0911 (Office)

Associa Management Website

Contact Associa

4. Questions about the Atkinson Towers Reserve Account, or the Budget.

Ashby "Jim" Ennis, Treasurer

(808) 944-0447

Click HERE to email Jim Ennis

5. Questions about the Flood insurance policy on your mortgage, and/or on the building.

Robin Martin - Agent at Insurance Factors

(808) 546-7434, Fax: (808) 521-5484

Click HERE to email Robin Martin

Insurance Factors Website

6. Questions about the Condo, Flood, Fire, Liability, and/or Renters' Insurance.

Sue Savio, President Insurance Associates

(808) 526-9272

Insurance Associates Website

7. Questions about Insurance: Home, Flood, Fire, Liability, and/or Renter's Insurance.

Marc Dixon, Agent

(808) 456-8001

Click HERE to email Marc Dixon

Allstate Insurance Website

8. If none of the contacts can not answer your questions, or if you need more information.

Mike Rosenman, President, AUAO Atkinson Towers

(808) 946-7442 (Office,)(808) 372-4347 (Cellphone)

Click HERE to email Mike Rosenman

9. Questions or suggestions about this Atkinson Towers website.

Walt Flood, Webmaster

(808) 922-1659

Or send an Email

10. Questions about selling your condominium unit, receiving a list of comparables, or general questions about the local real estate market.

Walt Flood, REALTOR (R)

(808) 922-1659

Or send an Email

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